MobiTV and Visual Stimulation Imput for Personal Cognitive Performance

Stimulus thru Caffiene or Visual Input?

It appears that the Mobi TV feature for Cell Phones may in fact have some positive Bio-advantages in that it exercises the brain thru visual stimulation. We know that visual input stimulates the brain. We know that there are significant peaks in brain wave activity in the first 15-30 minutes of watching TV or playing video games and then the activity slowly declines after that.

Watching comedy or movies with a twist or ironic situations happening during the film such a detective stories with multiple twists and the "Who Done It" type detective movies provide additional peak brain waves thru out the show. This is due to the activation of the N400 Brain Wave.

The Mobi TV feature on the new Nokia phone can be watched for up to 2 hours without running out of batteries and it also has a digital phone built in as well as being a regular cell phone. RIMM - Research In Motion will be coming out with a 3G-unit combination Blackberry with all these features plus email and PDA. The Nokia turns off the TV in five minutes after watching unless you push a button to tell it to continue. The feature is only $10 per month. Such things are not to be unexpected with he latest in algorithm compression technologies at all. And it wasn't long ago when the 1.5-way and 2-way Pagers allowed for news updates, stock quote, weather advisories and sports scores. Even those interested in Homeland Security can get their update news alerts on a pager or cell phone now.

We are also seeing trends in instant messaging although some plans get pretty expensive, one parent was in shock to find their daughter in Junior High School ran up a $600 bill when they went over their 1000 instant messaging limit with 7000 instant messages in one month, at only $ .10 each, well I guess it adds up? Such reliance on personal communications devices and the trend to put more information, video projection, TV, cameras and video feed into these devices will have an effect on the brain. It will affect the way we learn and the speed at which we learn it. Some might say this is bad, although when looking at the other side of the argument there seems to be a big advantage to faster thinking minds and visual stimulus because 45% of our brains RAM capacity (so to speak) appears to be used up in the visual processing area of the brain. In the future as machine and man become one and rely on each other to accomplish tasks thru computer-human interfaces such crude devices as we are discussing here are a precept to the devices which will allow us to do more assisted and higher cognitive level thinking. These current devices now in the works will play a big part in the future of things to come and assist a more mobile society adapt, work and remain at a higher cognitive level.

Do you have thoughts either pro or con on this issue? How does new technology and mobile devices change they way you live, think and reason? Do you think we are moving too fast and losing our innate human social structure or do you feel such devices enhance our closeness as a culture? The future will tell us soon enough.

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