Electromagnetic Energy in Meteorites - Theory

I have some friends who have the largest private meteor collection on Earth. He and his son 14 years old and a candidate for this idea; Now then in conversations, they explained all the cataloged meteor findings and found that each US state has 500 (there is an encyclopedia of such no doubt?) or so findings and confirmed by tests such as cross cut section, material grain patterns, density not found on Earth, etc, etc. So then in CA on 300 meteors were cataloged, yet it is a huge state, promotionally should be more like 1500 or more. However the ones cataloged in CA were very accurate in their description of findings.

In the states of NM, AZ, CA, UT, ID, NV there are many dry lake beds. The government owns more than 60% of NM, UT and NV. We can use these places to find them, since people have not taken the meteorites yet. We have some 28 meteorites we have confirmed as coming from Mars. Now then in looking for the Space Shuttle parts and debris areas were combed in conjunction of computer rendering best guess scenarios of debris falling trajectory. Using this idea of tracking. Each meteor found has a point of impact, two or more can give you direction, plus we know which way the Earth is spinning traveling in this dimension at 17-18K MPH. So then his thought is that the dry lake beds of CA, NV, UT are the best places to look for them but how do you find them? Magnetic Blankets? Yes that is a good one, but the low amounts of electromagnetic energy would require about 3-4 inches from the rock before you found it, then you would have already had a visual anyway.

Here is my thought. Okay, electro-magnetic energy gives off a different color reading on a spectrometer and each meteor has it's own electromagnetic out put, yes cool hmmm? So then when someone has a large meteor and buys it for $40 USD, they cut it up into pieces and sell it on eBay. But each meteor needs to be studied for clues since it has an electromagnetic frequency signature, just like every Aurora has different design and colors? Theory.

Now we need to collect all these meteors and study them especially since your nano-electro magnetic idea maybe a way to harvest energy, a lot of it from a small source. We are missing in our database of human knowledge what we believe to be about 95% of the light waves we know about, this is the secrets we must conquer to see to the other side of what we do not know and open up the world to more dimensions, if you are to think in terms of space-time and theories. I bet we can use these electro magnetic waves to communicate long distances, by breaking a meteor in half separating it by a distance, turning on various light tests to it and seeing it interact with it's other half. Same metal, same structure, same electro magnetic signature (theory).

Sending light which cannot be seen by the naked eye or frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Now then the blanket idea to find meteors is interesting, but there are other ways to find these. For instance US Marines walking shoulder to shoulder for the entire dry lack bed. Or meteors are very much darker rocks, so use the darker shade from an Apache helicopter scanning devise and turn the darker shades red. Then test those for electro magnetic signature by way of introducing energy to said metal rock.

Then we have all the debris from out space that has hit the Earth. Also go to the dark side of the moon and collect all we can find there too. We know where to look for the rocks since the dry lake beds may have been empty of water for some 10,000 and not covered by vegetation. Also once we figure out how to test for these frequencies we will open a whole new science and in that we will have solved the anti-matter problem, energy problem and instant multi-dimensional communication situation, maybe even the time problems and our ridiculous system of mathematics which keeps us trapped in linear 4 dimensional time. We should study these things.

Also we can find out if there are more rocks on Earth from Mars and other planets to determine the material make-up of these planets and types of gases prevalent during the period in which the particular rock left the planet.

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