There is a Core at the Center of the Earth; Right?

There are some who would like to discuss why they believe the Earth is hollow and shaped like the inside of two symbols when put together.Most scientists are quick to discount such a notion and call it complete and utter BS. Yet, the hollow Earth theorists disagree with scientists and are quick to point out certain facts which are ambiguous in the area of scientific knowledge. These theorist say that there is equal amount of gravity pulling whatever is there in all directions inside the hollow Earth. First off let us look at the Earth's mass, and how it is distributed due to its shape. The Earth is not perfectly round, as we all know, it is shaped like a beach ball which is being sat on by a little kid. If you were to dig a tunnel from the US to China; you would be pulled down by gravity until about a third of the way to the center and then pulled down but also out at angles to either side towards the direction of your travel to the center in a cone shaped gravitational pull. Eventually as you came to the center you would be pulled in every direction equally, well almost equally remembering the Earth is not a perfect sphere. In the Center you would be floating being pulled by something close to a half a gravity from all directions.

It would certainly be an interesting feeling and loosen up you joints. You would be being pulled in an egg pattern; towards the equator a little more than towards the poles. Does this mean you could have a rotation in the center of the Earth's open space? I will discuss this theory at a later time and other theories of magnetic travel within the Earth or even a black hole. Back to the subject; is travel through the center of the Earth to the other side possible? Yes. Right now it is cost prohibitive. However as we understand it, it would be easier to check out if the Earth is actually hollow easiest by jumping dimensions and then figuring out where the center of the Earth will be in a few seconds. Mathematically this is easily possible to calculate because we know the speed of the Earth around the sun and the rotation of the Earth in speed and with one other component we can calculate its center and where it will be in let us say twenty five seconds. So when we can do Dimensional Space Travel or jumping off and re entering with a probe we can have the answer to the problem without building a Euro Tunnel straight down to the center.

If we build a tunnel how should it be formed? Straight? No the best way is in a spiral due to the fact that centripetal force is a major part of the equation and it is free energy from a kinetic propulsion stand point. Is there hell in the center of the Earth? Probably not, some say it contains molten lava, which is on top of the solid core and mantel as they taught us in school. Do you ever think about what is inside the Earth? Are you satisfied with the drawings in your geology text book? Think on this.

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