Spray on Dirt for Camouflage

Super sticky spray on dirt or mud simulation coating or wash-off-able paint is needed to protect our troops in combat. It can be used for aircraft bottoms, helicopters and humvees. Sounds like a good idea right? But how would you get the sticky dirt onto the vehicles for instance camouflage? Well there are several thoughts on this. Hudson Sprayer, Aerosol Spray cans, Pressure washer with inline injection or use the nozzles on a water truck. Any of these ways could in fact work. Of course we must eliminate the aerosol can spray idea, that might be good for model airplanes, but it would take forever to do only one vehicle. Using a Hudson sprayer or small air compressor like sprayer could also work, but once again the time constraints are not conducive.

A pressure washer with inline injection could work and would only use minimal amounts of water and could coat a Humvee in about 3-5 minutes per side, perhaps you could get it down to 2-3 minutes which would be acceptable. The spray must use about 2 gallons per minute and apply the sticky stuff. For sand camouflage simply spray on the sticky stuff and then have a fan blow dust and sand onto the vehicle. For a mud look or greenery look the color should be matched and put on at the same time with the water. The camouflage paint should not be water soluble as if it rains the whole security from camouflage is blown. Since the solution and paint is not water soluble it needs to be able to be removed relatively easily with some other method, this way as the vehicles move from place to place the camouflage must be changed to keep the vehicle, soldiers and convoy safe.

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